The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) is responsible for ensuring that employers doing business with the Federal government comply with the laws and regulations requiring nondiscrimination and affirmative action.  This mission is based on the underlying principle that employment opportunities generated by Federal dollars should be available to all Americans on an equitable and fair basis.
How does RxSalesPros ensure compliance?
We believe supporting our clients' compliance efforts under OFCCP Regulations marks a continuation of our tradition of forming strategic alliances whenever possible.  Moreover, we believe this keeps us one step ahead, continually providing value added services to our clients.  Toward that end, we have:
  • Reviewed and analyzed the final rules, regulations and comments
  • Compared the final rule to our current procurement processes
  • Retained counsel that specializes in OFCCP regulations
  • Assessed our infrastructure and technology capabilities to determine how, as a practical matter, we can best assist our clients with their compliance efforts
  • Invested in new technology and training to ensure compliance capabilities
  • Quality assured our systems and procurement procedures to assist our clients in meeting the new requirements

Our capabilities Include:

  • Electronically request self-identification for internet applicants
  • Archive responses to self-identification survey to an internal candidate profile
  • Export data in either Excel or HTML format
  • Archive required information for two years
  • Backup data regularly
  • Internal database that can save and create reports for:
    • Every position for which each database search was made
    • The substantive search criteria used for each position searched
    • The date of every search
    • Every resume added to our database
    • The date each resume was added to our database

      *RxSalesPros does not conduct any type of Adverse Impact Analysis