Our Approach


Where do we start?

We conduct a thorough needs analysis and intake interview asking a series of important questions to better understand your organization's:


  • Value proposition
  • Existing conditions
  • Future requirements
  • Short and Long term goals
  • Skills and competencies required for success
  • Compensation parameters


This process forms the foundation for a partnership that allows us to fully understand your needs and objectives.  We put that conversation into action and do more than just produce resumes and names.  Based on the services we agree to, we'll perform several layers of candidate interviews and present a slate of 3-5 highly qualified individuals who best match your needs.


What happens before we present a candidate?

This is our greatest point of differentiation, and we would be happy to speak live to our process and the results we have achieved.  We follow a multistep approach that has been refined over the past 15 years.  After 3 rounds of unique interviews with our staff, if we see a match, we share the resume, and an in depth candidate summary along with our recommendations to the Hiring Manager.   From there, the client interviews commence.