Recent Expansion Projects


Collegium Pharmaceuticals (Start up)

  • Retained partner to build company's first sales force
  • Successful recruited 14 RSMs and 118 specialty reps in a 28 week timeframe
  • Resulted in 97% fill rate, 97.5% first offer acceptance.  In addition, we were retained after the expansion as the exclusive recruiting partner.


Novo Nordisk

  • Retained exclusive partner since 2003, helped grow from 300 FTE to 3,251 in 13 years.
  • Exclusively retained for all District Manager expansions.  Completed 11 DM expansions over the years ranging from 55 DMs to 20 DMs all in a 14-20 week time frame.
  • Resulted in 96% fill rate and 94% first offer acceptance. In addition, we scored 4.9 of 5 on an anonymous candidate feedback survey from candidates who attended Hiring Events (half of whom did not get the job):  Ratings were based on professionalism and overall candidate experience in working with RxSalesPros.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

  • Retained partner for 8 years
  • Successfully placed over 450 Sales Representatives and Sales Managers in a variety of divisions including Immunoscience, Oncology, Virology, Neuroscience, CV and PCP
  • Most recently, completed a 185 rep expansion across 3 divisions in 14 weeks.  Resulted in 96% fill rate and 95% first offer acceptance.


Zogenix (Start up)

  • Retained partner to expand sales force for a new product
  • Successfully recruited 55 specialty reps in 9 weeks
  • 95% fill rate, 89% first offer acceptance.  In addition, we were 1 of 2 recruiters responsible for the expansion (We had the East, another firm Zogenix worked with for several years had the West).  We were the only recruiting firm retained after the expansion.


Chelsea Therapeutics (Start up)

  • Retained partner to build companies first sales force for Orphan Disease Product
  • Successfully recruited 10 RSMs and 85 specialty reps
  • Resulted in 94% fill rate, 100% first offer acceptance.