Why Us?



Because we are experts in this exact space!  We have recruited over 6000 sales people and we’ve worked in all the positions we recruit for.  We communicate with HR, Sales Leadership and candidates in a way that builds immediate trust and confidence.  We have built a strong following on Linked in with over 28,000 followers who are actively engaged. Having 28K followers allows us to tap into a unique and enormous candidate pool quickly.  



  • Targets and recruits passive talent


  • Uses the most in-depth screening process


  • Establishes trust and credibility by knowing the industry and speaking your language


  • Knows exactly what good candidates look and sound like


  • Communicates openly and honestly around timelines, expectations and candidates


  • Has experience in Startup and Fortune 100 company expansions and brings a great deal of innovation and logistical support to a variety of recruiting needs


  •  Every expansion project resulted in a 100% fill rate at time of product launch


  • Acts as a PR firm in representing our clients to candidates…we are an extension of our clients!


  • Have a 95% first offer candidate acceptance rate


  • Treats each relationship as a "PARTNERSHIP" not a transaction


  • Has a long list of results and references in Human Resources as well as Senior Sales Leadership

"RxSalesPros knows the industry, and they leverage their backgrounds with purpose to make the hiring process more enjoyable."

"RxSalesPros truly understands our needs, our challenges and they deliver.  They know that who you hire is the single most critical decision a Hiring Manager makes."