Is the job right for you?

What are your career goals?  Too often, recruiters place greater emphasis on getting you to be interested in a position vs. finding out why your current job doesn't completely fulfill you and what it is you REALLY want to do.  This short-sighted approach often causes candidates to feel like a commodity.


From our perspective, the only way to effectively help you find the right position is to ask.  At RxSalesPros, you are not just working with talented recruiters who are working with people who have been in the roles they are recruiting for and understand where you are coming from.



Our Process

We understand that making a job change affects your life and the lives of those around you, and that it's important to consider all these factors when interviewing for your next position:


  • Company culture
  • Compensation
  • Equity
  • Product portfolio
  • Career growth
  • Organizational stability
  • Travel
  • Management style/philosophy
  • Team fit
  • Pipeline

After an initial dialogue, we will conduct an informational interview and then a competency-based interview.  From there, we will create a game plan together that will prepare you for the interview process.


Our passion for finding the right match is genuine and you will see that in every step and every conversation.